Paris – The City of Style

There is nowhere quite like Paris to experience true style. Everywhere you look, effortlessly chic women glide along wide Napoleonic boulevards as if they haven’t a care in the world. Spectacular architecture greets you on every corner, from Notre Dame to the Pompidou Centre, with an outrageous clock sculpture standing incongruously next to one of Paris’s busiest metro stations! Wonderful old cafes spill out onto the streets, filled with insouciant Parisians smoking and sipping coffee.

Growing up in Europe, Paris became a second home, with close friends still living there. Every year I find myself venturing back to soak in the fashion, culture and art that feeds me creatively. There are my favourite haunts like the Louvre, Bon Marche and Galeries Lafayette which I always visit, but each trip I explore another part of the city j’adore.

This summer was no exception. Photographer and travel partner Janis Nicolay and I spent a glorious late August week soaking up the city’s eponymous style and sights. We dropped into art openings in Le Marais and wandered the Jardin des Tuilleries, until our feet hurt. We sauntered aimlessly from one arrondissement to another, stopping occasionally for Prosecco and salmon tartare before heading down another side street filled with flower shops and glorious boutiques.

Sketch books were filled, photos taken, and cards, trinkets and treasures collected for inspiration when we got home.

Until next time Paris…