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100% GIZA Egyptian Cotton
Fabric from Italy

Rayleigh fuses intricate woven pattern and Arisa Linen trim to create a clean, contemporary look.


  • Care
  • Guarantees
  • Sizes
  • Washing and Drying

    The unique puckering texture of this fabric is enhanced when it is washed.

    Items laundered at home will need to be pressed after washing.

    We recommend dry cleaning for easier care.

    Machine wash using moderate temperatures and gentle cycles in a small load.

    Do not use ‘water saver’ settings.

    Select a mild soap such as Tide Free, Linen Wash, or Ivory.

    Do not use any type of bleach or fabric softener.

    Machine dry on gentle using a moderate temperature; do not over dry.

    Ironing can be done on the wrong side while the fabric is still slightly damp.


    St Genève bed linens are guaranteed for one year against any defect in materials and

    workmanship. This is provided that the care instructions have been followed accordingly.


    All guarantees are void if labels are removed.

    For more information, visit our Guarantees page in the Quality Defined section.




    All bed linens are custom made to order, using sizing that is specific to St Genève.

    Custom sizing can be done if specified when ordering.


    For more information, visit our page on Product Sizing.