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Decorative Pillows


We offer a wide range of decorative pillow forms to suit any purpose and are able to make custom sizes as well. Natural fill cushion forms are covered in 100% Cotton. All fills are hypoallergenic. Firm cushions have 25% more fill, soft cushions have 25% less fill.

For the best fit, always use a cushion form 2″ larger than your decorative cover. For example use a 20″ cushion form in an 18″ cover.


Fills Offered:

Duck Down
50% Down / 50% Feather
20% Down / 80% Feather

  • Care
  • Guarantees
  • Sizes
  • Washing

    We strongly recommend using a St Genève pillow protector because it will decrease the need to wash the form as often.

    If you prefer to have your pillow professionally cleaned, choose a reputable cleaning establishment that has extensive experience with pillow cleaning.

    Use a pure, gentle soap; do not bleach.

    Use medium temperature water at the maximum water level with an extra rinse cycle.

    If water is left in the pillow after the extra rinse cycle, squeeze out the excess water.



    Machine dry pillows individually at medium temperatures.

    After the first drying cycle, pull apart any clumps that have formed. Use a tumble dry setting for the following dry cycle.




    St Genève decorative pillow forms are guaranteed for two years against any defect in materials and workmanship.

    This is provided that the care instructions have been followed accordingly and a pillow protector has been used at all times.

    All fills are Zurguard finished to be Hypoallergenic for five years.


    All guarantees are void if labels are removed.

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  • Custom sizes are available. For more information, Visit A Stockist.

     Neckroll  6″ x 16″
    Breakfast 12″ x 16″
    Brunch 12″ x 20″
    Princess 14″ x 28″
    Toss 16″ x 16″
    Companion 16″ x 20″
    Empress 12″ x 36″
    Duchess 16″ x 36″
    Euro Square 26″ x 26″
    Grand Queen 26″ x 30″
    Grand King 26″ x 36″
    Grand Euro Square 31″ x 31″


    9” Bolsters are available in Twin (39”), Double (54”), Queen (60”), and King (76”)
    20” Headliner are available in Twin (39”), Double (54”), Queen (60”), and King (76”)