La Cabina Collection

Autumn is upon us, bringing with it a crisp chill in the air and cozy nights in front of the fire. As the nights grow longer and the weather gets colder we are excited to showcase our Winter 2016 Collection – La Cabina. Featuring luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk and linen, our collection is the perfect blend of comfort and style, that you will long to curl up under.

In hopes to make this season feel warm and personal, we wanted to create and share a list of memories from our favorite winter jet-set retreats;

  • Cool nights inside a rustic-chic cottage
  • Drinking our favourite wines and hot cocoa by flickering fireplaces
  • Late night deep blue skies
  • Catching crystal snowflakes in our hands
  • Fresh crisp air and fragrant pine trees

We found inspiration through imagery and photographed objects that would help tell our story. We couldn’t resist incorporating items such as pine, natural and textured woods, snow shoes, gold details, antlers and log fires.


(Janis Nicolay: wood bowl, snow shoes & pine tree / English Eccentric Home: antlers on mantel top / St Geneve:  coffee mug)

From our mood board, we created colour palates inspired by the golden hues of the sun reflected from the snow, grey-stoned mantel tops and midnight icy blue skies. We chose fabrics that would exude a soft, luxurious, visually stunning design in any room. Here are some of our favorite beds from the collection.



(Janis Nicolay: Ines Slate Bed, flower detail / St Geneve: boots in snow)

Designed to mimic the cool and crisp elements of a snowflake, Ines Slate has a geometric design that is both contemporary and refined. This soft cotton fabric and pattern of icy grey tones adds dimension and sophistication to any room.



(Janis Nicolay: Dianora Bed & natural logs / St Geneve: dark winter night)

Dianora’s striking midnight blue creates a dramatic backdrop, showcasing a glowing golden pattern. Paired with a neutral linen, Dianora is the perfect blend of silk and cashmere, making this jacquard the ultimate in comfort and design.



 (English Eccentric Home: Jenna Bed / St Geneve: tea & cashmere sweaters and icicles)

Jenna is the “gem” of this collection. This design was influenced by a colour palate of the frosty greys that are found in nature. The textural quality of the fabric was selected to evoke the toasty warmth of a winter cabin, blending cashmere, silk and linen to create a luxurious palate of extraordinary softness.

By re-creating cozy winter moments, using the most exquisite fabric combinations, we believe that this collection will make it almost impossible to leave your bed this season.