Types of Down

Types of Down

Genuine Eiderdown

700+ Loft
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

Eiderdown is the softest and highest insulating down in the world. It is lighter in weight, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and is unsurpassed for comfort throughout the seasons. It’s insulating capacity is so advanced that it adjusts to the temperature of the person under the duvet.

Our eiderdown is hand collected from the bird’s nests at Canadian Eider Duck sanctuaries. For generations, the local farmers have created a bond between themselves and the Eiders, where the birds aren’t disturbed and they trust the down collectors implicitly.

While eiderdown tests at 700 loft, it’s unique high density and cling make it insulate at a much higher rate. We find it takes less weight of Eiderdown than any other down to get the same warmth. It is more efficient than a 1000 loft down.

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James Bay

700+ Loft Wild Canadian Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

Similar to Eiderdown, James Bay down clusters cling together for superb insulating power. It is collected from wild geese in the Canadian North by Cree First Nations under special license from the Canadian Government. This down is even rarer than Eiderdown.

James Bay’s huge down clusters actually cling together and so they must be hand sorted and then cleaned. Similar to eiderdown, it tests at 700 loft, but since it has the same unique properties of cling and high density, it insulates as if it were a 900+ loft down.

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1000 Loft White Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

This amazing white goose down has the highest loft of any down available worldwide. It was originally developed for the high-end Japanese market.  First used in technically sophisticated jackets, it was later used in their most deluxe duvets.

Starting with Polish white goose down, it goes through additional sorting processes to result in only the largest, most pure clusters of down. This exquisite down has some of the largest clusters we have ever seen and even some clinging ability like eiderdown. It is incredibly soft and lightweight, providing comfort for generations. These duvets are covered in a soft Tencel™ fiber and Cotton batiste blend from Germany.

Our Embassy down tests at 1,000 loft and is verified by the International Down and Feather Laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. This lab is recognized as the best in the world and is used by the US and Canadian governments.

Due to the rarity of our Embassy down please call for availability.

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800 Loft White Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

Salzburg is one of our most distinctive downs because it looks and behaves like a “White Eiderdown”.  It comes from mature geese and is meticulously hand sorted to obtain the largest clusters with the highest densities and cling factor possible.  While this down tests out at 800 loft, its eider-like properties give it the equivalent insulating power of 900 points.

The high density of Salzburg down increases insulation because the center of the down cluster is more complex and traps small pockets of air. Heat loss is prevented because the down clings to one another resulting in smaller gaps between each cluster.

This down is incredibly soft and lightweight. With care, it will last for generations.

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850 Loft Polish White Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

Poland has a rich history of goose farming going back many hundreds of years. It is noted for having some of the finest domestic white goose down in the world and the down from Ziegler is one of the best that Poland has to offer. Raised on special farms, Ziegler Polish White Goose Down is noted for its high loft and warmth.

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800 Loft Clear Lake Colony White Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

The SÖVING duvet has a special baffle design that lets you choose how warm you would like it to be, just by turning it over. Patented breathing channels can open and close depending on how much warmth you require. Plus, the down can also be shifted up and down the channels by simply shaking the duvet. This allows you to perfectly control your sleeping environment.

In the Summer, turn the duvet over so the narrow channels are facing up. This opens the breathing zones to allow the air to circulate which keeps you cooler

During the Winter, turn the duvet so the wide channels are facing up. This closes the breathing zones to keep you warm.

US Patent # 8978179 (Other patents pending)

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850 Loft Canadian White Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

One of our most popular duvets, Lajord is light, cozy and will be cherished for generations.

The Canadian Hutterite Colonists are an old Christian group devoted to a simple agricultural lifestyle. Having emigrated from Europe many years ago, they brought the farming skills of many generations with them. Lajord White Goose Down comes from a goose farm located in Saskatchewan. The farmers take great care in raising free range geese that are more mature than those in other colonies. St Genève purchases their entire production each year. With a loft of 850 cubic inches per ounce and extremely large clusters, this down is one of the most prized of all domestic downs raised in North America.

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775 Loft Ukrainian Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

St Genève’s exceptional Kiev duvets and pillows carry a certificate of authenticity. Goose farming on the fertile plains of Ukraine is a vibrant heritage which began thousands of years ago. At the same time, the painting of eggs started and this is where the tradition of Easter eggs was born. The Ukraine is now famous for their ornately decorated eggs along with their superb goose down.

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675 Loft White Goose Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

Montreux duvets and pillows are filled with hypoallergenic white goose down that has been certified under the Zurguard® system. They are guaranteed to hold their shape and insulation ability for years and have been designed to be extremely comfortable with the same fine finishings of all St Genève products. This down is exceptional quality with a loft of 675.

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600 Loft Canadian White Duck Down
Zurguard Certified to be Hypo-Allergenic

Canada is noted for raising some of the finest down in the world and Laroche duvets and pillows are proof. The down is taken from mature white ducks, resulting in large, lightweight and resilient down clusters. At a loft of 575, Laroche white duck down is superior to many grades of goose down. Our duvet and pillow collection is both comfortable and hypoallergenic.

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The Heirloom has been designed to be a wonderfully comfortable pillow. It is filled with down blended from different countries of origin in order to achieve a perfectly consistent quality and is certified under the Zurguard system to be hypoallergenic.  This pillow will stay soft and supportive for years.

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The Hutterites are an old Christian group devoted to a simple agricultural lifestyle. They follow the basic teachings of the Bible and live peacefully in self-sustaining communities. When they emigrated from Europe over a century ago, they brought the farming skills of generations with them, including the raising of geese and ducks.

St Genève Hutterite products are made with a blend of duck down for softness and duck feathers for spring and durability.

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