Choose Your Duvet (Comforter)


Choose the Right Weight

Winter – For average sleepers in cool bedrooms.
Classic – For warm sleepers or heated bedrooms.
Summer – For warm sleepers in heated bedrooms.
Dual Zone – When one partner is hot and the other is cold, we are happy to make a duvet with different weights on the two sides.

Proper Construction

There are several qualities that define a well designed duvet. Unless it is for summer use, a duvet should never be sewn straight through as this allows warmth to escape. The down filling must have room to loft to its maximum potential and it must be distributed evenly throughout the duvet. Through experimenting with many styles we have found that the best design is the sealed baffle box construction that originated in Europe. Extra deep baffles eliminate thin spots and allow the down to loft up properly.

Choose the Ticking

Ticking is the fabric cover of the duvet. Its quality is just as important as the quality of the down filling. We carefully match our unique down proof fabrics to each down filling for the perfect combination that ensures softnesss, lightness and comfort. St Genève uses only the finest tickings. All of our fabrics are light and airy, allowing the duvet to settle closely around you. They are also completely down proof and will remain that way for years, even through cleaning.

High Quality Down

Extraordinarily soft, lightweight and warm, high quality down is an incredible insulator that will keep you comfortable throughout the year. Loft or fill power is the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will fill. In general a higher loft down will be a better insulator, but other factors such as density and cling can be just as important or even more so.  Learn more about St Genève’s collection of down fills.


Quality Assurance

The Down Association of Canada is a non profit organization devoted to educating the public, monitoring the industry and supporting quality standards. Members are obliged to adhere to strict standards under government labeling and advertising regulations. St Genève strongly supports the work of Downmark® and has been a member since the company was founded.


St Genève down is cleaned according to the Zurguard® standard. We confidently guarantee all of our down products to be hypoallergenic or the item can be returned for a full refund within 5 years of purchase. Proof of purchase must be presented to validate guarantees, and labels must NOT be removed.