Create a Luxury Bed

The bedroom is often the last room to be properly decorated, yet it is where people spend the majority of their time. How it is designed will make an impact not only on its aesthetic appeal, but most importantly it will affect the quality of your sleep and your health. When your bedroom is a beautiful place, it becomes your sanctuary away from the cares of the day.

Choosing the right duvet and pillows is essential for the feeling of luxury. Once you have the right elements in place for ultimate comfort, it is time to adorn your bed with style. Layering your bed with complementary fabrics and textures will create your own signature look. Through colour, shape and design you can customize your bed to reflect your own personal style.

Elements of a Luxury Bed


  1. Mattress Protector
    You may not see your mattress, but it is critical to protect it since it is nearly impossible to clean. We recommend St Dormeir Wool Mattress Protectors because they are luxurious, comfortable and machine washable. They are made of breathable natural fibers, are warm in the winter and will keep you cool during the summer.
  2. Bedskirt
    Some bed frames may not need a bedskirt, but for those that do be aware that beds come in all different sizes and heights. Please specify the exact measurement of your bed, from the floor to the top of the box spring.
  3. Fitted Sheet
    Since your fitted sheet is the closest thing to your skin, choose Egyptian Cotton or Silk for their soft textures. For warm weather we recommend Linen as it helps regulate body temperature. Pick a fitted sheet with a pocket that is three to five inches deeper than your mattress.
  4. Flat Sheet
    Use a flat sheet under the duvet cover as they are much easier to launder. Fold the cuff over the top edge of the duvet cover for a smart yet inviting look.
  5. Coverlet
    Choose a lovely texture or a pattern with depth to contrast with your duvet cover. In warmer weather you can use the coverlet and fold the duvet at the foot of the bed.
  6. Decorative Shams
    Extra touches are what make your bed unique. Decorative shams can make a real statement, and adding a row of grand shams in behind your regular sized shams will give drama and height to your look. Experiment with textures and styles and switch them up to match  your mood or the season.
  7. Decorative Cushions
    For a bold look, choose Duchess, Princess or Empress cushions. If you are looking for something a little more modest, choose a Toss or a Breakfast cushion.
  8. Pillowcases
    Pillowcases usually match the sheets. Like your fitted and flat sheets, they should be a soft percale weave or a plain sateen so they are as comfortable and smooth as possible.
  9. Duvet Cover
    A duvet cover is the top layer of your bed as well as the visual statement that centers your room. Choose a cover that pulls the layers of your bed together and complements the colours in your room. Pick a light weight fabric, as the lighter the fabric the more weightless and airy your duvet will feel.

Structure of a Luxury Bed


  1. Back Pillows
    Grand Queen or Grand King pillows behind your sleeping pillows make a great visual statement. They are comfortable when sitting up, or if you just want to lounge back in splendor. We recommend a 20/80 or 50/50 down and feather fill.
  2. Sleeping Pillows
    High quality pillows are a dream to sleep on. They gently form their shape to you and will stay soft and puffy for years.
  3. Duvet
    Your duvet is the heart of a deep and restful sleep. Get the best duvet you can afford, as the finer the quality the more light and comfortable your duvet will be. A well made duvet will keep you pleasantly cool amid the warmer seasons and cozy throughout  the winter months. Ensure that you choose the appropriate size for your bed, because if you go too large your duvet will drag on the floor.
  4. Mattress Topper
    Sleeping on a down top feather mattress topper is like sleeping on a cloud. The down filled layer is soft and luxurious to the touch. The bottom layer is filled with feather and/or down, and will provide you with an extra layer of comfort while giving you subtle support. All of our mattress toppers are packaged in a re-usable fabric bag and have a five year guarantee. Place your topper between your mattress and your fitted sheets.