Create the Perfect Fall Bed

our neutral fall colour palette

One of our favourite summer bed linens, Michelle, has been remixed and restyled for fall comfort. Here are Creative Director Nikki Renshaw’s tips for creating the perfect fall bed:

  • Fall is the time for textures
    We’ve started with a base of crisp, natural Nicola linen sheets in the Linen colourway, layered with Michelle’s superb cotton waffle in Platinum, and topped it off with a Malacca cushion.
  • Fall is the time for earthy tones
    Natural linen-hues, lovely taupe, and warm earth tones invite tranquility. We accented with deep forest green plants and brass accents.
  • Fall is the time for layers
    A cozy coverlet tops one of our impossibly warm duvets. Add a throw for an even warmer experience, or set aside your coverlet if you get too warm.
  • Fall is the time for casual luxury
    Don’t fret over perfectly pressed linens or formal pillow arrangements: this fall bed is all about creating a relaxed, slightly rumpled look that you can’t wait to climb into (and don’t want to get out of!)