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A Good Reputation

When it comes to choosing a good down product, be it a new duvet or a winter coat, a company’s reputation is worth its weight in gold (or Eiderdown!) If you’re looking for a quality down product, you can start

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How to Care for Your Flannel Bedding

How to care for flannel bedding, avoid pilling in flannel bedding image of flannel sheet up close

There is nothing quite like a new set of flannel sheets; they are unmatched for warmth and comfort. But often, after a few washes, even the best set of flannel sheets can become pilled and uncomfortable. Few people realize

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Down 101: St.Genève’s Signature Downs

A handful of rare eiderdown exhibiting its fantastic cling property

All of St.Genève’s down is selected with the utmost care, with an eye for exceptional quality. Many of our signature downs are a love letter to our heritage and come from Canadian Eider Ducks and Canada Geese. All St.Genève

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Down 101: Understanding the Quality of Down

woman holds large handful of down in her open hands

It may seem daunting, but there are a few simple concepts in determining the quality of down. The quality of the down can vary depending on the age, and even the species of bird. When choosing down for our

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Down 101: Down vs. Feathers

a feather floating through the air into a waiting hand

Heidi, from the St.Genève marketing team, had a confession to make: “Before coming to St.Genève, I thought that down and feathers were the same thing; that there was no difference between a down pillow and a feather pillow. In

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Down 101: Introduction

At St.Genève, we have a reputation for being down geeks. We LOVE down and come by our passion honestly: St.Genève’s founder and VP of Design, Michael de la Place, served as the president for Downmark (the Down Association of

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