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How to Care for Your Flannel Bedding

How to care for flannel bedding, avoid pilling in flannel bedding image of flannel sheet up close

There is nothing quite like a new set of flannel sheets; they are unmatched for warmth and comfort. But often, after a few washes, even the best set of flannel sheets can become pilled and uncomfortable. Few people realize

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How to Wash a Down Comforter

Can I wash my down comforter at home? Yes, however you first should ensure that your washer and dryer are large enough to accommodate your down duvet. Drying, in particular, can be cumbersome and inconvenient and we recommend taking

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How to Wash a Down Pillow

The first step in caring for your down pillows is to make sure you are using both a pillowcase and a pillow protector. Launder your case and protector frequently – we suggest weekly. Doing this makes your pillow a

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