An Inside Look At Our New Cushion & Throw Collection

As one of the leading design houses for luxury bedding, it had been our dream for a while to expand our line into other areas of your home. Last season we launched a new line of linen cotton blend cushions that perfectly transitioned from bedroom to living room. These were very well received and we decided this was the perfect time to expand on this theme and create an entire line of cushions.

We envisioned a line that was both casual and sophisticated and could move from one space to the other, carrying St Geneve’s eponymous style throughout your home.

We brainstormed on how we’d like the collection to look and what kind of fabrics we’d like to use. A Mood board was created and a colour palate was decided on – neutral creams, rose golds, and soft greys – that would complement our bedding line perfectly.


Mood Board_Cushion and throw copy

(We were inspired by textures like sand, pottery, concrete and agate, plus our style favourites – diamond shapes and crystal chandeliers.)


Next, we made a trip to Italy to visit our favourite mills and told them what we were planning. As usual, they came up with the most exquisite fabrics for us to play with.

It was so exciting to be able to experiment with fabrics we’d usually have to pass on because they weren’t suitable for luxury bedding designs.


factory shots

(In selecting fabric designs for our cushion and throw collection, you can see how our inspiration translated into our choices.)


While in Italy, it wasn’t all work and no play! We had a wonderful time sightseeing and being inspired by Italian style and culture.


italy images

(More inspiration during our trip to Italy – cappuccino, historical mountain villages, and some Italian flair.)


Armed with sumptuous, dramatic fabrics in cotton and linen blends, we returned to Canada and started designing our new cushion and throw line.

We paid special attention to how the fabrics would look and feel draped over the arm of a sofa or curled up under in front of the fire. The design team took turns taking the designs home to test them, and not surprisingly most of them never came back to the studio!

Here is a sneak peek into what we’ve created to make your sofas and armchairs look and feel as sumptuous as your bed. Let us know what you think!

all cushions

(Our finished cushion and throw collection: Malacca, Agate, Onyx and Diamante cushions. Blog featured image is Portofino.)

We are so happy with the results and hope you love them as much as we do.