Over the winter months, as the temperature drops and the nights grow longer, we are drawn to home, where we can curl up and feel snug and warm. Our bedrooms become a welcome sanctuary of luxurious fabrics that we can sink into, and wile away the night hours.

St Geneve’s winter Texturale collection is a selection of the most sumptuous and textural fabrics available, combining silks, cottons and linens to create the softest, silkiest bedding imaginable. Every night you will look forward to climbing into bed and sinking into the Texturale collection – these fabrics will transform your sleeping experience into an absolute dream!

Our Oro and Argento beds are the epitome of sophistication, woven with a blend of textures, including silk and linen that are as soft as they are elegant. Beautiful to look at and silky to the touch, these fabrics will greatly enhance both the style of your bedroom and your nighttime routine.

For a more casual feel, our Impronte fabrics blend the softest long-staple cotton with crisp linen to create a relaxed look that will suit even the most contemporary room.

If new sheets are what you’re dreaming of, we have the perfect selection for you to choose from, including a cozy flannelette that will keep you warm on even the coldest nights. If you’re looking for something a little crisper, our new Nicola linen collection comes in an array of sophisticated shades that will match any décor.

Close the curtains, curl up with the Texturale collection and really enjoy those long winter nights ahead.\


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