St Genève’s Agua Collection is inspired by our relationship to water, and how the different seasons bring us a fresh appreciation for the world’s most precious commodity. Winter gives us crisp snow and icy glaciers, while summer is spent enjoying cresting waves and sun-kissed beaches. These 100% cottons, responsibly milled in Europe, will transform your sleeping experience into a dream.


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For your Bed

Luxury Bedlinens. Exquisite Duvets and Pillows.  Fine European fabrics. All hand made in the St Genève atelier.

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For You

St Genève loungewear combines timeless styling, natural fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship in a palette of soft whites. Read More

For Your Home

Enjoy the St Genève home collection including sumptuous bath linens and handcrafted table linens. Read More

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