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Abyss & Habidecor

Towels & Bath Mats

Abyss towels and Habidecor bath mats are recognized as the finest quality bath textiles found around the world. Always working with the finest materials – GIZA 70 Egyptian cotton, pure linen and natural silk – A&H produce towels and bath mats with precise hand-guided tufting and the latest technology in weaving machines.

For more information, visit the Abyss & Habidecor website.

  • Care
  • Guarantees
  • Sizes
  • Machine wash and tumble dry using cold temperatures.

    Always wash towels separately from other home textile, rugs, and garments.

    Select a mild soap such as Tide Free, Linen Wash, or Ivory.

    Do not use any type of bleach or fabric softener.

    Do not dry clean or iron.

    For more information on caring for your Abyss & Habidecor towels and rugs, visit our page on Product Care.


    Abyss & Habidecor products are guaranteed against any defect in materials and workmanship.

    This is provided that the care instructions have been followed accordingly.


    All guarantees are void if labels are removed.

  • Super Pile and Twill towels are offered in all of the sizes listed below. Sizes are limited in other styles.

    For more information, please Visit A Stockist.



    Face 12″ x 12″
    Fingertip 12″ x 20″
    Hand 17″ x 30″
    Hair 21″ x 39″
    Bath 28″ x 54″
    Pool 39″ x 59″
    Sheet 40″ x 72″